tim burns

30.9 - 30.10.2010

special projects


tim burns: the office

Continuing his long-standing interest in the operations of surveillance, private/public space, and ubiquitous media, Tim Burns is in-situ in noelsheridanprojectspace for the duration of his major exhibition Against the grain \ survey. As well as operating video-on-demand for the titles in the exhibition, Burns is keen to interact with audience.

image: Tim Burns, 'The office', aeaf, sept 30 2010.


linda marie walker: room

9.7 – 7.8.2010

Artist's talk & reading 6pm wed 14 July in the gallerylmw2010

The launch of noelsheridanprojectspace with a solo show by Linda Marie Walker - an artist of key influence in experimental art/writing/design/making practice. Room brings together some of the works exhibited over the last few years with new works - and works by many of the artist's friends – in an examination of the encounter, the invitation, and the persistence of writing as a visual art practice that exceeds the instrumental.

"What is this about – for writing, for the accumulation of books. Each book an object, a thing, inside of which is the thing of trying to write, of trying to find a way to write (given the day, and the weather, and the work at hand), to be just in the moment of thought, and then following (if possible) (“… entering a cage of birds without making them sing …” (Chuang-tze, in John Cage, For The Birds). A sort of quietness, nothing to be said, a sort of freedom too. To do as one does (if possible), and the worry of that. Always adequate and inadequate. A particular necessity, for peacefulness. Trying to find how to write peace. As a kind of liveliness, slowly (and this peace a drop in the ocean, slowly)." artist's notes


Curated by Teri Hoskin

image: Linda Marie Walker, 'gone (he is missing)' 2010, (detail) with special thanks to Andrew Barlett furniture designer maker, Jam Factory. Photo by Phil Walker



Linda Marie Walker, Room, July 2010


Linda Marie Walker, Room, July 2010


Linda Marie Walker, Room, Anton Hart, 'Step by Step', painting, July 2010


Linda Marie Walker, Room, Louise Haselton, bronze cast pine cones, July 2010.

lmw jb

Linda Marie Walker, Room, John Barbour, fabric, thread. July 2010.


Linda Marie Walker, Room, detail, cotton thread on cotton.