09.11.2012 – 08.12.2012

Build Me a City, Kirsten Coelho,
Nicholas Folland, Sera Waters, Nici Cumpston
Lily Hibberd, Sandra Selig, Jacobus Capone
curators: Vivonne Thwaites with Christine Garnaut



Build me a City
—an exploration of the Architecture Museum archives by seven artists—is a collaboration between the Architecture Museum at the University of South Australia and the Australian Experimental Art Foundation.

It features the artists Jacobus Capone, Kirsten Coelho, Nici Cumpston, Nicholas Folland, Lily Hibberd, Sandra Selig and Sera Waters who've delved into the rich collection of the Architecture Museum at the University of South Australia and used it as a springboard to explore the living history of different sites or expose and reinterpret objects and images, many of which that have lain for many years in the Museum's collections, unseen except by scholars and archivists.

Curated by Vivonne Thwaites with Christine Garnaut, the exhibition is accompanied by a twenty-four page full-colour catalogue including an essay by Ruth Fazakerley.


Artist Talks

Pre-Opening Artist Talk: Lily Hibberd
Thursday 8 November, 5pm.

Sera Waters, Nicholas Folland, Kirsten Coelho
Saturday 10 November, 3–5pm

Nici Cumpston, Ruth Fazakerley (writer)
Friday 16 November, 12.30–1.30pm

education kit Build Me A City, catalogue [PDF]


Image: Sera Waters, Spire for one (listening to the light), 2011–2012, Perspex, string, light, headphones, lino, Spire approximately 90cm x 40cm, Photo: Grant Hancock