25.11.2011 – 17.12.2011


(Bianca Hester, Terri Bird, Scott Mitchell)


Artist’s Statement

BIG LOG JAM extends OSW's recent project BIG LOG, in which an artist's book became a procedural device to reconfigure and recontextualise the group's archive and associated 'diagram of relations'. This diagram tracks and elaborates the ideas and actions developed by the group since 2002. Erupting from this process, and framed through an ongoing interest in gravity and temporal registers, BIG LOG JAM responds with a plasticine replica of a Henbury meteorite and a tennis ball machine (amongst other things) in a performative material event that explores forces of formation.


floor sheet gallery floor sheet

bio: OSW

OSW uses various workshopping processes entailing collective experiments with techniques, technologies, machines, and materials, group excursions and collaborative writing exercises. These workshops are made public at various stages of their development with exhibitions being generative of new work; as such the work exists in a state of perpetual production. Past works, such as ‘CLUBStennis’ and ‘Active-air’, investigated the passage of objects and people, utilizing movement in their exploration of air as a material and spatial volume. Similarly, the slowly turning surfaces of ‘groundings’ activated relations between the sky, ground, bodies and the surrounding urban environment. Through the use of objects and surfaces in flux these projects generate a spatial poetics activated by duration, producing experiential, time based modes of engagement. OSW is committed to experimenting with relationships between art’s various sites of production, presentation and reception.

OSW collective CV
2011 'Collected Collaborations', curated by Kirrily Hammond, MUMA, Melbourne.
2010 'Diagram of Relations 2007/2010' (video installation), in 'Rapid Slowness', curated by Kathy Temin, Art and Design Faculty Gallery, Monash University, Melbounre.
2009 'west Brunswick Sculpture Triennial' [wBST], curated by OSW. A multifaceted event dispersed across five sites, involving 24 artists, together with film and sound contributions from many more. Sites: wBST head office: 135 Union Street, Ocular Lab: 31 Pearson Street, 461 Albert Street, Anstey and Ashton: 209 Albion Street, Niko's Rear Entrance: via laneway off Orient Grove.
2008 'A Race against time' [video], in 'What Is? (Australia like)', curated by Kim Donaldson, Sub-urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, Director's Video Festival, Berlin, and FABS, Warsaw.
2008 'Landings', public art proposal for Lend Lease's Victoria Green, Docklands, Melbourne.
2007 'Diagram of Relations 2003-07' [video], in 'workshop.nonstop', curated by Lisa Kelly, Loose Projects, Sydney.
2006 'A Race against time' [video installation], in 'Resistance is futile', curated by Kim Donaldson, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne.
2005 'groundings', [propositional public work], winner of the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, Federation Square, Melbourne.
2005 'Active Air', Ocular Lab, Melbourne.
2003 'Fish Time', CLUBSproject inc, Melbourne. Club Tennis', CLUBSproject inc, Melbourne.

Terri Bird CV
2007 PhD, CCLCS, Monash University
2000 Master of Arts, RMIT
1988 Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, VCA
Selected Exhibitions–Individual and Group
2008 In praise of blandness, curator Domenical deClario, Art & Design Faculty Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne.
2007 Structural Adjustments: of light/dance/materials directed by Jude Walton, Meat Market, Melbourne.
2005 Aesthetic: 25 views of the Monash University Collection, MUMA, Melbourne.
2004 Skinned, Yarra array, curator Rose Lang, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne.
2002 Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, Werribee Park, Melbourne.
2000 Pragmatics of Inscription: wall drawings, curator Bernard Sacks, Linden Gallery, Melbourne.
1999 Signs of Life, curator Julliana Engberg, Melbourne International Biennial, Melbourne.
1998 Blind dates and other fictions of being, h, Melbourne.
1995 Pavilion, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne.
1994 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, curator John Barrett-Lenard for the Adelaide Festival of Arts.
1994 PROSPECTUS, Lokvogelstraat 8, curator Philippe Braem, Brussels, Belgium.
1993 Devices for the Interpretation of Nature, Brutto Gusto, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
1992 The Angelic Space - Celebration of Piero Della Francesca, curator Julliana Engberg, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne.
1991 Devices for the Interpretation of Nature, ACCA, Melbourne.
1990 Inland, curator Robert Owen, ACCA, Melbourne.
Published Writing
2011 'Figuring Materiality', Angelaki vol 16 no 1
2010 'This conversation' essay with Tom Nicholson in Please leave these windows open overnight..., exhibition catalogue, ACCA, Melbourne.
2009 'Material Thinking' essay in Accommodating spaces, materials, projects, people, videos, actions, objects, thoughts: relatively, Bianca Hester & The Narrows, Melbourne.
2008 'Reconfiguring Still' essay for 'super light', by Ardi Gunawan, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.
2007 'Exhibiting Practices & Organizational Relations' essay in Making Space, edited Din Heagney, VIA-n, Melbourne.

Bianca Hester CV
2007 PhD by project RMIT
1999 B.A. Fine Art (Sculpture) Honours RMIT
Selected Exhibitions – Individual and Group
2011 these circumstances: temporarily generating forms, improvising encounters, Sarah Scout gallery, Melbourne.
2011 Rock Solid, curator Meredith Turnbull, Pieces of 8 gallery, Melbourne.
2010 Please leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning, Helen Macpherson Smith Commission, curators Juliana Engberg & Charlotte Day, ACCA.
2009 only from the perspective of a viewer situated upon the surface of the earth does day and night occur, The Narrows, Melbourne
2009 fashioning discontinuities, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), Melbourne.
2009 imprint, curated by Anneke Jaspers, Artspace, Sydney
2008 projectprojects, The Showroom, London
2007 Westspace East, curated by Mark Feary, PKW, Singapore
2006 project projects: open and hosted 19/06/06 – 14/07/06: RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2005 the molecular history of everything, curated by Juliana Engberg, ACCA, Melbourne
2003 In The Making, curated by Liza Vasiliou, MUMA, Gippsland
2002 intensive objects indeterminate events: Westspace, Melbourne
2002 Possible Worlds, curated by Juliana Engberg, Artspace, Auckland
2001 objects : translations: 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
2001 The Blindspots we sometimes see curated by Gail Hastings, MCA, Sydney
2000 Longevity, curated by Bala Starr, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne
Organizational Involvement
2002 – 2009 Founding member of CLUBSproject inc.
2006 – 2008 Studio Artist at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces.
Scholarships and Prizes
2009 City of Melbourne Grant to develop a publication with Warren Taylor at the Narrows
2009 Recipient of RMIT University Research Prize for PhD research
2006 OZCO visual arts board ‘Skills and Development’ grant
2006 ARTS VIC ‘International Program Cultural Exchange’ grant
2006 Winner of Siemans prize, RMIT
2004 Recipient of ARTS VIC ‘New Work Development Award’ for project at ACCA

Scott Mitchell CV
2011 PhD by Project (Industrial Design) RMIT
2000 B.A. Fine Art (Sculpture) Honours RMIT
Selected Projects
2011 ‘Craft Cubed’ curated by Joe Pascoe, Craft Victoria, Melbourne.
2011 ‘The Repair Workshops’ curated by Leyla Acaroglu and Emma Grace, DonkeyWheel House, Melbourne.
2010 'Please allow fans' in THESE ARE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS curated by Jessica O'Brien, Irene Finkelde and Jonas Ropponen, SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne.
2010 'RepRap minimug' in Inside Out, Object Gallery, Sydney.
2010 'Science-Art Club' Public performance of the Giant Smoke Ring Generator part of 'Structural Integrity', West Space’s contribution to Next Wave keynote project.
2009 'P2P FM' in The Living Room curated by Tai Snaith, Blindside gallery, Melbourne.
2009 'Science-Art Club' Arts Victoria Artists in Schools program, Brunswick Secondary