October 2015




A series of discussions investigating some of the usual haunts of ‘the experimental’.
Where does the experimental exist within the broadly contemporary—in opposition? invisibly? or driving & critiquing it?
Does it stand aloof and alone?
Has it been shut down?


Thursday 8/15/22 October 2015

Introductions by Ken Bolton, literary icon and Dark Horsey Bookshop manager.
Hosted by MC extraordinaire Monte Masi, Adelaide-born artist & writer.



Arte Magra; from the opaque

Date: Friday 6 September 2013
Venue: Bradley Forum, Level 5, Hawke Building, University of South Australia — City West Campus


Build Me A City, Artist Talk:

Nici Cumpston, Ruth Fazakerley (writer)
Friday 16 November, 12.30–1.30pm

The AEAF, in association with the 2011 Festival of Unpopular Culture, presents a panel discussion: THE MULTITUDE: NEW FORMS OF SOCIAL ORGANISATION, RESISTANCE AND REBELLION

Where: Adelaide College of the Arts, 39 Light Square, Adelaide
When: Saturday 15 October 2011, 11.30am
Admission: Free
Moderator: Ken Bolton

An account of Tony Negri’s idea of ‘the multitude’ and some of its implications – and its likely efficacy as a way to regard and analyse current political and social formations (subsuming notions of ‘class’ for example) and relating to a society increasingly networked and fluid. Does Negri’s thinking best register the effects of the new social media, the decline of allegiance to traditional politics, the shaping pressures of a globalised world economy?

Professor Greg McCarthy has an international reputation for his research on social transformation. He has conducted research on the social transformation as a consequence of communist revolutions, notably in Russia, China and Vietnam. He has applied his theory on social transformation to the Australian context with a wide range of publications on the transformation of the Australian economy, the upheaval in banking in Australia caused by rapid change, and subsequent adverse political, economic and social effects. McCarthy has also written extensively on the politics of culture and how political culture plays a significant role in representing society to itself in a particularly constructed manner that reinforce dominant power relations. He is currently engaged in a wide-ranging cross country comparison between Australia and China, involving public policy, climate change, education and political cultural. He is concerned with the dynamics of change and how different versions of modernity shape that change in both these countries.

Dr Francesca da Rimini is an artist and theoretician engaging with feminism, politics, and the social formations emerging from informational capitalism. She was a founding member of the cyberfeminist art collective VNS Matrix, the first Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology, and a University of Technology, Sydney, researcher.

Monte Masi is an artist recently come into some prominence here and dealing chiefly in performance, installation and video art. He sis a Master of Visual Arts candidate at the University of South Australia, investigating online vernacular video and its relationship to contemporary art practices. Monte was a founding director of FELTspace artist-run initiative and currently works as curator at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

Ken Bolton is a writer working at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation.

Festival of Unpopular Culture The 2011 Festival of Unpopular Culture is a celebration of alternative ideas - located in multiple venues in central Adelaide, 7-16 October 2011. www.festivalofunpopularculture.com

For further information on the panel session contact Ken Bolton at AEAF (08) 8211 7505 or aeafbooks@aeaf.org.au. For some background reading explore Virno's A Grammar of the Multitude linked below.

PR Panel flyer

A Grammar of the Multitude by Paolo Virno


Artist-in-Residence, AEAF artist studios


AEAF Studios

ray harris

Ray Harris is undertaking a 6 week residency at the AEAF artist studios in August-September 2011. She is constructing work for her exhibition entitled Hold me Close and Let me Go which will be shown in the AEAF main gallery from 30 September - 29 October 2011.

Artist's statement:
Hold me Close and Let me Go explores the psychological space of unsatisfied symbiosis, the need for oneness lingering in hearts and psyches unremittingly. Like the small scratch on a saplings bark that grows to a big cut, these are the narcissistic wounds and scars, the yearnings and fantasies, the denials and re-creations and the inextricable knots that keep us tied to the ones we never had.

Ray Harris is a Masters (Research) candidate at the University of South Australia and recipient of the MF & MH Joyner Scholarship. She was awarded the Constance Gordon-Johnson Sculpture and Installation Prize 2010 (UniSA). In 2011 Ray will co-curate the AEAF's odradekaeaf. Ray has exhibited locally at SASA Gallery; the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition; odradekaeaf; and had a solo show Come sail with me down Denial at Project Space, CACSA. She also exhibited at Next Wave Festival (Melbourne, 2010) and in 'Fantastic Borders' at Gil and Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2009. Ray has been a co-director of FELTspace since 2010.


image: Ray Harris in the AEAF artist studio, 2011. Photo AEAF

6pm Friday 24 June 2011


AEAF Gallery

nasim nasrThe Australian Experimental Art Foundation invites you to Women in Shadow, a performance by


6pm Friday 24 June 2011

at the AEAF gallery

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN artist Nasim Nasr's art practice actively engages complex notions of identity, with a particular focus on her native country Iran. Drawing from experiences as a young woman living in Tehran, set against the cultural contrast gained while living in Australia since 2009, her practice has experimented with photographing women in various forms of oppressive coverings in Western cultural contexts, exploring issues of the chador, “erasure”, “the gaze” and “shadow”, in an ongoing body of work titled Women in Shadow.

For the AEAF, Nasr will present a powerful one-night event in the guise of a fashion parade, using this familiar though privileged celebration of commerce and beauty as a format for this conceptual artwork. Circumscribed by issues of identity politics this performance considers women as ‘Other’, by overtly erasing signs personal identity and character. By utilising the chador, the performance presents its own paradox, of being seen without being seen. It is Nasr's belief that "when artists and audiences are veiled by their differing traditions and backgrounds, the visual language of art can become the lingua franca."

Of her work Nasr has stated, "all utility garments create their own conventions and special powers. The image of the shroud, commonly associated with the chador, unleashes in those external to such cultures a variety of reactions relating to issues of belief, ‘the taboo’ and what constitutes the 'boundary'.

When individuals move from one culture to another, whether involuntarily or through a conscious decision, the coherent conveying of one's identity through the acquired language of a new context can become a multifaceted challenge. Individual as well as broad cultural histories are extremely complex phenomena to capture, and consequently to express. The video works I have made consider this complex notion of those cultural identities that do not claim validation through seeking originality. Rather, these cultures perceive identity as a transient invention. My practice seeks to represent not only the socio-cultural invisibility of women in Iran but also their disempowerment, that fades them into shadow."

Nasim Nasr, born in 1984 in Tehran, graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran in 2006 and is presently completing a Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. Since arriving in Australia in 2009 Nasr has participated in Border Crossings: Human Rights Adelaide Art & Film Festival, Format Artist Space, Adelaide; CACSA CONTEMPORARY 2010: THE NEW NEW, Adelaide; and is currently exhibiting at Nexus Gallery, Lion Art Centre Adelaide, until 2nd July. This exhibition at the aeaf has been supported by Tanya Powell Model Agency and the University of South Australia Art, Architecture and Design School.


image: Women in Shadow performance still, 2011. Photo courtesy the artist, photographer Rodney Magazinovic

5.30pm Wednesday 23rd March 2011


AEAF darkhorsey bookshop.

JBCoverThe Director of the AEAF, Dr Domenico de Clario, invites you to the launch of


5.30pm Wednesday 23rd March 2011

at the AEAF darkhorsey bookshop



a comprehensive 148 page monograph on the work of Adelaide based artist John Barbour.


HARD/SOFT - the title of Ewen McDonald's introductory essay - traces the evolution of Barbour's practice from the late 1980s. The book includes insightful essays by Russell Smith, Michael Newall, Ian North and Linda Marie Walker on themes and projects, augmented by an interview with the artist by Anne Thompson.


Edited by Ewen McDonald, the monograph is an acknowledgement and celebration of John Barbour's significant contribution the visual arts over the past few decades. As the essays and reproductions of key works and installations reveal, Barbour is one of Australia's foremost contemporary artists.


2.30pm Sat 11th September

Johannes S. Sistermanns In time is transition


In his SoundPlastic at Queen's Theatre INTUITION Room 2010, Adelaide, Johannes S. Sistermanns will perform his ongoing engagement with Oratunga in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. His residental stay at Oratunga is the motivator for what promises to be another compelling soundplastic/performance.


'In time is transition' is an oratungaproject in collaboration with Gini Lee


Johannes S. Sistermanns (*1955, lives Bornheim/Cologne, Germany) stages his composition as multi channel electroacoustics, soundplastic, radiophonic soundart, new music theatre and soundimage cityspace. From 1976-84 he studied at the Musikhochschule Köln subjects as 'Piano’, 'Rhythmik’ and 'New Music Theatre’ with Mauricio Kagel. Performances, exhibitions, lectures and fellowships took him to Japan, VR China, Australia and the USA. Sistermanns has been performed many venues and international festivals, including Knitting Factory 1995, Melbourne Festival 1997, Worldexhibition EXPO 2000 Hannover, Adelaide Festival 2000, 'Germany in Japan’ Festival 2005, Donaueschinger Musiktage 1996/1999/2005, ISCM World New Music Days Stuttgart 2006/ Sydney 2010, Electroacoustic Festival Shanghai 2006. 2004/2006 he was lecturer at the 'International Summercourses’ in Darmstadt, Germany. In 2008 Johannes S Sistermanns was awarded the German Soundart-Prize for that year from Sculpture Museum Marl/WDR Radio Cologne.


artists web siteArtist's website



when:2.30pm 11th September

where: Queen's Theatre, Playhouse Lane, off Light Square, Adelaide

how: Entry is free






Johannes S. Sistermanns has been supported by the NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal ‘International Cultural Relations’


image: 'Parawerta' photo by the artist


5.30pm Friday 3rd September

mike mullins: australian experimental art practices 1973-1986

Artist's talk

A multi-media lecture that looks at the performing arts in Australia during the years 1973-86. The material presented in the lecture comes from the archives of Mike Mullins, who is the founding director of The Performance Space in Sydney. The presentation looks at the battles that were fought for greater support and recognition of new form practices in the performing arts. It aims to create a measure to what is happening these days.


For many in the audience, it was a moving experience to see ‘our times’ played out, and to see the treads and trends emerge. For the ‘younger people’, both in the audience and those who were involved in the production, it was informative and educational, especially as so much of the work represented continues to be relevant today as 'innovative' Professor Andrea Hull (former Dean, Victorian College of Arts and Music)

Mike Mullins’ Politics of Change should obligatory viewing for everyone with a key role in arts funding and arts administration, and who wish to understand what it takes to build a genuine life in art. Certainly, Mullins reveals with great clarity and poignancy, something of what it means to pursue the fraught and insecure journey of the professional artist and creative visionary; it is a solitary vocation, more likely than most to suffer unrewarding critical oppositions, derision and penury. This archetypal journey of artists is suited only to warriors and believers, if not inspired madmen.
Ross Wolfe, former director of the Anne and Gordon Samstag Program



where: venue: Room H6.12 Hawke Bldg, UNISA. Enter from North Terrace end (Samstag Museum). Take the lift/elevator to the 6th floor. Enter the doors and turn right. Enter the first room on the right

Free event

8pm 23 July

live performance
john von sturmer & slawek janicki + domenico de clario

New sound at EMUspace in collaboration with soundsitesaeaf event no 3


Slawek Janicki and John von Sturmer have developed an improvisational and experimental practice, which seeks to create a total art event. Their work is situational and responsive, seeking to work with immediate and locally-relevant concerns. They are concerned with matters of language and questions of translation across cultural and other divides.
For this performance they will be collaborating with sound artist and Director of AEAF Domenico de Clario.


Slawek Janicki comes from a background in musical improvisation generally involving the double bass. He is also a filmmaker and cultural events curator, working also with a number of Art TV channels in Europe and Australia. He operates the legendary performance space ‘MOZG’, based in Bydgoszcz, central-northern Poland.


John von Sturmer has an academic background, and an extensive involvement in Aboriginal affairs. In more recent years he has centralised the notion of performance in his practice, often combining performance texts with a strong visual arts element.

Domenico de Clario has presented improvised piano performances since 1977 as part of his multi-disciplinary practice.


More info about whole project and artists on: www.jvs-janicki.com


when:8pm 23 July

where: EMU Space, Level 5 Schulz Building, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia

how: enter through University of Adelaide gate 14, Kintore Avenue. Entry is free


ozcoThis project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for theArts, its arts funding and advisory body






image credit: Tracey Lanesbury


6pm Wednesday 14 July

artists reading/writing/talking: linda marie walker (anastasia klose will be present)


lmwLinda Marie Walker - an artist of key influence in experimental art/writing/design/making practice will talk about her work, and read her writing. The artist's exhibition Room is the inaugural work in the noelsheridanprojectspace

Anastasia Klose will be performing in I thought I was wrong, but it turned out I was wrong…


Venue:AEAF Gallery Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


5.30pm Tuesday 13 July


cancelled due to illness - apologies for any inconvenience

talk: stephen sartarelli, the challenge of pasolini: language and dissent in an age of conflict

dark horsey bookshop

Stephen Sartarelli ‘The Challenge of Pasolini: language and dissent in an age of conflict'


Stephen Sartarelli will discuss the technicalities of translating Pasolini's verse, and apply his thought, sensibility and critique to questions of the art, politics, and morality of our time.


Translator/poet Stephen Sartarelli has published over twenty books of translation from Italian and French, winning prizes in both the U.S. and the U.K.

He is a member of the Academy of American Poets and has published three volumes of verse and several chapbooks. His essays and reviews have appeared in a variety of U.S. periodicals, including The Nation, The New Criterion, and The Guggenheim Magazine. He is the translator of the popular Inspector Montalbano series by Andrea Camilleri as well as several 18th-century French classics. Forthcoming translations include a broad selection of the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Notturno, a book-length prose poem by Gabriele d'Annunzio, the fin-de-siècle Italian poet, novelist, and adventurer. He lives in France with his wife, Sophie Hawkes.


Thank you Donata Carrazza, Mildura Writers Festival; and Paul Kane, Professor of English, Vassar College, NY, USA.


Venue:AEAF Dark Horsey Bookshop Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


2.30-6.30pm Saturday 19 June

screening: arthur and corinne cantrill

arthur and corinne cantrillThe Room of Chromatic Mystery

50 years of experimental film

At our duetto presentation we shall show and discuss examples of our work, from the 1960s when we first engaged with film as a medium combining kinetic art with experimental sound composition, and then various strands of work such as filmed landscape, the ‘still’ moving image, concerns with duration, single-frame 24-images-per-second which challenge retinal retention and superimposition, and analysis of colour, using a similar 3-colour synthesis employed by the human retina and brain. We shall show films on which Ivor [Cantrill] has collaborated, and which benefit from his autism, in particular his attention to colour, detail and repetition. [artist's notes]


Venue: Mercury Cinema Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


image: Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, still from In This Life's Body, 1984, 147'



offiste link artist's website


duetto media releaseCantrill's notes to duetto screening program + duetto Media Release

9pm – 11.30pm Saturday 19 June

performance: futbol real 2010 (the first beautiful game)

futbo real



Venue: Queen’s theatre / at the apex of Gillies Arcade & Playhouse Lane Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


duetto media releasedownload the invite with full rules and hi story here

2-5.30pm Saturday 26 June

performance: a list of positive things for later, when things may not be so positive

aleks danko jude walton

Join The New Spatial Economy Movement with Aleks Danko and Jude Walton in making a list of positive things for later, when things may not be so positive

at various sites within the Adelaide Botanic Garden.


A series of spoken word poems at sites within the Adelaide Botanic Garden,

1. on the steps of the Museum of Economic Botany at 2pm

2. walking in the Wisteria Arbour at 2.30pm

3. inside the entrance of the Palm House at 3pm

4. in the Summerhouse at 3.30pm 5. in the queen's theatre at

4.30 pm: an 'in conversation' with Linda Marie Walker that looks at how we live our lives together as artists, things we share, discuss, the spaces we inhabit and so on, with time at the end for questions and comments.


when: 2-5.30pm Sat 26th June

where: Adelaide Botanic Garden and Queen's Theatre

duetto publicityduetto Media Release

image: Aleks Danko and Jude Walton, The New Spatial Economy Movement, 2010

Saturday 26 June

performance: stephen whittington and domenico de clario


Stephen Whittington and Domenico de Clario perform the universe as mirror

Stephen whittington is director of the Electronic Music Unit, Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide. He is an internationally renowned composer, pianist and interpreter of the compositions of Morton Feldman.


Stephen Whittington and Domenico de Clario collaborated on an all-night performance on march 1, 2010,
titled 'journey to the surface of the earth'


when:5 10 pm (sunset/moonrise) until 9 31 pm (full moon apogee)

where:Queen's Theatre

duetto publicityduetto Media Release

Thursday 27 May 7.30pm, Friday & Sat 28-29th 7.30pm

performance: d&k The Stranger and his Friend


We met at art school in 1999. Talked of life, death, relationships, belief, pissing the bed and shitting in the shower. There were no boundaries to the discussions and no judgements made. Our art is the embodiment of these conversations. We seek to create an open dialogue acknowledging that we are all human. We were born, we are alive, we will die.


Venue: Queen's Theatre Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


dcad&k would like to thank the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia for Artflight funding assistance


image:d&k 2010



duetto publicityduetto Media Release

2.30pm Saturday 17th; 24th April; 1st May

AEAF floor talks

Anton Hart 2010Over three saturdays at 2.30pm, painthing artists talk about their work, their practice, their contribution to painthing (as one)


floor talks 1 Micky Allan, Adam Dutkiewicz (curator of Brothers in Arts, Nexus 2009)

floor talks 2 Ian North, Romi Graham

floor talks 3 Anton Hart, Brigid Noone


floor talks 4: closing Jason Smith

The Director of Heide Museum of Modern Art will present a closing address 5.30pm, Friday 14 May.*


Venue: AEAF gallery

Free event, bookings not necessary

enquiries:info@aeaf.org.au or telephone the aeaf


image: Anton Hart, Untitled (Tracks), 2010. Computer imaging on canvas, 270 x 180cm. The work is a reiteration of a painting exhibited at the AEAF in 1996

*the exhibition will run until 5pm saturday 15 May.


painthing media releaseMedia Release

thursday 20 march

…explorations into place, space and time…

New sound at EMUspace in collaboration with soundsitesaeaf event no 2


Tom Hall with Ambrose Chapel, Jason Sweeney and Tristan Louth-Robins

when: 8pm sharp

where: THE EMU SPACE, Electronic Music Unit 5th Floor, Schulz Building, University of Adelaide. (enter via the Scott Theatre lifts behind the Schulz building, Kintore Avenue, Gate 15)

Map: http://emu.adelaide.edu.au/contact/

$15 entry


Supported by the Elder Conservatorium of Music and the University of Adelaide


7-8pm Fri 19 March

Massimo Scattolin


massimoInternationally acclaimed guitarist Massimo Scattolin will perform a series of works composed by himself and others. After a number of lessons with Andres Segovia, Massimo Scattolin began his concert career as a soloist, and has since developed his chamber music and orchestral activities to include some of the best-known concertos for guitar and orchestra.


Massimo is founder of the Paganini Consort and Guitarland ensembles.


Venue: Iris Cinema. Doors open 6.30pm - gold coin donation - bar open

Bookings: SOLD OUT
email info@aeaf.org.au and include your name and phone number

inquiries: email above or telephone the aeaf


madia release Media Release

7.53pm March 1 - 7.04am March 2

journey to the surface of the earth (the idea of light and love)

soundsitesaeaf event no 1


stephen whittington (toy piano) janette ho (body) tony yap (body) domenico de clario (piano)


when: from 7.53 pm (moonrise/sunset) march 1 2010, until 7.04 am (moonset/sunrise) march 2 (full moon apogee 3.08 am march 2) where: Madley Studio and forecourt, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia

how: enter through University of Adelaide gate 14, Kintore Avenue. Entry is free


the eye the moon, domenico de clario with dancer paula lay , december 1 2009 performance in high st northcote, melbourne


7pm Wed 10-Fri 12 March

Faceless: Dead & Desirable

jason sweeneyA new work by Jason Sweeney & Fiona Sprott for the Fringe Festival.Three performances over three nights at the AEAF.


Tickets $15 through FringeTIX or at the door.

For more info contact info at unreasonable films or follow the links below.


faceless on facebook

download media release Media Release

6pm for 6.30pm Thurs 4 Feb

Ken Bolton The Circus

book launch

jason sweeneyA small circus arrives near Trieste–Strong Man, lion, ballerina–from these elements is constructed a contemporary idyll of troubled beauty and humour …


Wakefield Press invites you to the launch of Ken Bolton's new book The Circus. Deb Welch, General Manager Radio Adelaide will launch The Circus at the AEAF bookshop. Books will be on sale and wines served courtesy of Fox Creek Wines.


download media release Media Release