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Critical writing by Ken Bolton



critical writing downloadvol.16.1 HEAVY LIFTING

Artists: Ben Leslie—The Palace of Vulture—Fontanelle, February 13th —April 10th; Roy Ananda and Johnny Dady—Three Lists—AEAF 24/7, dates; MAGIC OBJECT—various artists—AGSA and other venues; Lisa Roet—Heart Beat—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, February 25th—April 4th; Matthew Bradley—Destroyer Of Worlds—Greenaway Art Gallery, April 13th—May 8th; Sarah Contos—The Revenge of Alexis Colby—AEAF, April 15th—May 21st ; Planning For Tomorrow—Gregory Ackland, Damiano Bertoli, Deborah Kelly, Keg de Souza, and Santiago Sierra—CACSA, April 9th—May 15th; Hossein Valamanesh with Nassiem Valamanesh—Char Soo——Samstag Museum, October 9th—December 4th, 2015; Kate Power—Things Between You And Me—CACSA, Project Space, April 9th—May 15th



critical writing downloadvol.15.4 TO BE ‘WITH’ BUT NOT ‘OF’ THE WEIRD
Heath Franco— Patrick Heath—Syd Ball, Dick Watkins, David Aspden, Michael Johnson— Geoff Wilson—Deborah Pryor—Paul Hoban with Scott Pyle—Fiona Roberts—Simone Kennedy— Nazia Ejaz—Dadang Christanto—Fiona Foley—Jason Wing—Brad Harkin—TARNANTHI, various artists—Roberta Rich and Rhiannon Jones


critical writing downloadvol.15.3 VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE
Matt Huppatz—‘WORK!’—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, May 29th —June 27th; Derek Sargent—Allure Me— and Julie Robinson—One To Rot And One To Grow—at Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, June 5th—July 5th; various artists—the first show—FORMAT. June 4th—December 24th; Sophie Green—Threshold and Eugeniusz Lipczyk—Constructis—FELT Space, July 2nd—July 18th.


Artists: Ian North—East Antarctica 1915—and  James Tylor—These Are Our ObjectsGreenaway Art Gallery, April 1st—April 26th; Lisa Roet—When I Laugh…—Hugo Michel Gallery, April 22nd—May 23rd; Paul Sloan and Dan McLean—World Index—Hugo Michell Gallery, April 22nd—May 23rd; Christian Lock—Greenaway Art Gallery, April 29th—June 14th; Nicholas Elliott—Gothic Graphs and Other Paintings—Light Square Gallery, May 7th—May 28th; Anna Horn—Lightweight Heavy—Fontanelle Gallery, April 26th—May 17th.

critical writing downloadvol.15.1 WHO STRAINED MY CREDULITY?

Artists: Trent Parke—The Black Rose—Art Gallery of South Australia, March 13th —May 31st and Bill Viola—Bill Viola: Selected Works—Art Gallery of South Australia, February 27 th—March 29th; Simon Pericich—tERROr—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, February 20th—March 21st

critical writing downloadvol.14.4 LOUISE, JENNY, JOHN—The Beautiful Visit.
Artists: Louise Haselton—Outsides—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, October 16th—July 18th—November 22nd; Jenny Watson—I woke up in France—and John Foubister in an end of year group exhibition—Greenaway Art Gallery, November 19th —December 19th

critical writing downloadvol.14.3 BECOMING ATTITUDES
Artists: Madison Bycroft—Synonyms for Savages—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, May 22nd—July 18th—August 16th; Nicholas Folland—The Extreme Climate Of Nicholas Folland—AGSA, July 19th—Feb 1st, 2015, and—Touch and Go——Greenaway Art Gallery, July 30th—August 31st; Maarten Daudeij—Black Hole Dreaming—Tooth and Nail Gallery, August 22nd—September 6th; Paul Sloan—New Bounty—Hugo Michell Gallery, July 31st—August 30th; James Dodd—Sabotage—and Henry Jock Walker—Froth Machine—Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, July 25th—August 31st; Sundari Carmody—The Black Swan: Suite—FELT Space, August 6th—August 25th.

critical writing downloadvol.14.2 Method For Form’s Sake
Sarah crowEST—A Serious Of Objects—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, May 22nd—June 28th; Sam Howie—Survey—and Return Threshold—Patrick Hartigan, Michelle Nikou, Marcin Kobylecki, Charlie Sofo—Fontanelle, May 18th—June 8th; Peter Atkins—Silence—and James Guerts—Topography Of Water—Greenaway Art Gallery, May 28th—June 22nd; Juz Kitson—Still Life: Sleep of non-being—Greenaway Art Gallery, June 25th—July 25th; Joe Felber—Kontaktraum : Auslander (space of contact—foreigner)—Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, June 13th—July 13th.

critical writing downloadvol.14.1 “Untimely Meditatin’”—Bakunin
Collaborator—Aleksandra Antic, Anjo Bolardo, Rommel Joson, Glenn Kestell, Tristram Miravalles, Mark Valenzuela—Boxplot, April 25th—May 11th;  Zoe Kirkwood—Enter Excess: Space Invaders and Sam Songailo—Digital Wasteland—CACSA, April 25th —May 24th; (The exhibition formerly known as) Aspy Kids—Celeste Aldahn, David Capra, Sarah CrowEST, Robin Hungerford, Amanda Marburg, Tom Polo, Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh, Patrick Rees—AEAF, April 11th—May 17th; Dark Heart—various artists—AGSA, March 1st—May 11th. :

critical writing downloadvol.13.3 All The Young Dudes? Daniel Crooks—Samstag Museum, October 10th—December 20th; Christian Lock—New Work—Greenaway Gallery, October 20th—November 17th; Arte Magre—various artists—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, dates; Daniele Puppi—432 Hertz—Australian Experimental Art Foundation, November 1st—December 7th; Provisional State II—Johnnie Dady, James Dodd, KaB101—Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, November 8th—December 15th.

critical writing download vol.13.2—MAINTAIN THE BUZZ Artists: Ian North at Greenaway and AGSA • Heartland—various artists: Tjala artists from Amata, Ian North, Kim Buck, Yhonnie Scarce, Wendy Fairclough, Paul Sloan (at AGSA and FELT), Christa Rosa, Kate Breakey, Stewart MacFarlane, Lorry Humphreys • Sandra Uray-Kennett.

critical writing download vol.13.1—GAME ON—acting out, mouthing off, unplugged & tricksy Artists: Matt Huppatz, Owen Leong, Juz Kitson, Drew Pettifer, Bronwyn Platten, Sarah Coggrave and others, Aldo Iacobelli, Louise Haselton, Michelle Nikou, Mark Siebert

critical writing download vol.12.4THE WHEELS COME OFF, THE WHEELS GET RE-INVENTED"—A space-chicken to Captain Beefheart. Artists: Lee Salomone, Jeffrey Smart, Katie Barber, Sam Howie, Mark Valenzuela, Pat Brassington, Jeffrey Harris, Matthew Bradley

critical writing download vol.12.3—The Wolf's Pyjamas-and The Modern Nonsense-sentiment, uncertaintly, the wolfish, the vulpine, the way of the world. Artists: Anna Platten, Christine Collins, Sam Howie, Ariel Hassan, Amy Baker, Nasim Nasr, Katie Barber, Stewart MacFarlane

critical writing download vol.12.2—Artists: Endless Summer—various artists—at Nexus Gallery, 5 April 5–4 May; Sidney Nolan the Gallipoli series and Richard Grayson and Steve Wigg—Monument, at Samstag Gallery, Adelaide, April 20— June 1; Hossein Valamanesh at Greenaway Gallery April 26—May 27; Aida Tomescu at Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide June 27—July 22; Maarten Daudeij—The Quest—at Fontanelle, July 5—August 3 and The God, at CACSA Project Space, July 27—August 24; Paul Hoban Transformal—and Mark Kimber—The Pale Mirror, at Greenaway Gallery, July 25—August 31;

critical writing download vol.12.1 — Artists: Li Gang-in the grey scale-at AEAF and Lost For Words-John Barbour, Louise Haselton, Olga Sankey, Simone Slee, Sandra Uray-Kennett-at SASA Gallery.

critical writing download vol.11.6 —To Go Bo Diddley. Where No One Has Gone Before: Weird, or What? Artists: Christian Lock, Chelsea Lehmann, Gary Carsley, Heidi Abraham, and OSW (Bianca Hester, Terri Bird, Scott Mitchell).

critical writing download vol.11.5 —September Song - Goodtime Charlie. He tells me he is sorry, lonely, afraid, looking for a wife, looking for a girl and a little boy and the only game in town.

critical writing download vol.11.4 —Art of the Stat Dec, and other cunning ploys - are you now or have you ever been, a punk, an emo, a formalist, a fan, a witch or a wizard? The Cuts Of Their Jibs - August thru September, 2011. Artists: Aldahn, Bradley, Akira, Takasaka, Ryui.

critical writing download vol.11.3 — Louise Haselton in 2011 — Where went the angst?

critical writing download vol.11.2 —Some Returning Perennials — the past’s ideas of the future return — as genre?

vol.11.1 —Mark Siebert 2011: With his heart in his hip pocket…

critical writing download Survey of the new in Adelaide art — the lie of the land in 2005

Adelaide: the lie of the land updated

John Barbour worked at a kind of deliberate abandon

The New New — How New is The New in your view, hm? Very?

Mark Siebert 2008 interview: As with Mister Ed, the horse’s mouth spoke a kind of truth, but only a kind of truth…

Talking Up Paul Sloan: Plurality, Abundance, Profusion and Delight — take the Visual Imaginary of our time, add Paul Sloan, stir rapidly

Sarah CrowEST 2007 profile : the pleasure of her company — & her alter-egos, the pleasure of theirs too.

Craige Andrae 2002 profile : Craige Andrae, tarnished angel

Louise Haselton 2002 profile: The long table bears a series of pieces — and what I take to be ideas or sketches for future works

Anton Hart 2002 profile: vigilance and distraction

Aldo Iacobelli 2003 profile: Iacobelli's oeuvre can be read as a prolonged puzzling over the function of art and artist and of the binaries that are often held to be the choice available

Shaun Kirby: the duck at the top of the stairs is the art of Shaun Kirby

George Popperwell, 1992 dark star review: Popperwell might be for the public a major dark star now made visible

George Popperwell, 2003 review: what we need — a more hermetic formalism.

Michelle Nikou: “I salute that various field!”

Bronwyn Platten 1993 review: an unpopular art

Bronwyn Platten 2003 review: Where the previous exhibition dealt with ‘limit-case’ instances, as well as the typical, Love Maps dealt more in the seviceably normative.

Richard Grayson: Three easy pieces

Australian Women Artists 2004 Survey: I sailed to Tahiti with an all-girl crew

Hossein Valamanesh review of 2001 survey exhibition: A lot of these terms, of course, have had bad press