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bonita ely Murray River Punch 1980
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The AEAF archive is a collection of material from experimental and contemporary art practice in Australia.


online archive

This AEAF website lists exhibition and event details from
. ---> Exhibitions

A second website houses information on 1995—2009 programs and is avaliable
through the Pandora service of the National Archive ---> LINK

material archive

The aeaf has substantial holdings of slides, vhs video, publications, publicity related to events at the aeaf, and small press publications, produced in-house by the aeaf and others.

artist's book collection

The aeaf has a small collection of rare artist's books, many by fluxus artists from australia, and the US. The collection was originally donated by inaugural director Noel Sheridan. The collection is not currently available to the public but interested researchers with a specific focus are welcome to contact the aeaf to discuss access. The highly prized collection is in need of a sponsor to allow wider access to this important resource.

name change: from eaf to aeaf

At a General Meeting held at the Foundation on 1 October 2009 eligible members voted unanimously to change the name from Experimental Art Foundation to Australian Experimental Art Foundation. Others were not so convinced. Read the rationale below, and letters written after the name change by Donald Brook and others.

download aeaf name change rationaleRationale for name change

archived lettersCorrespondence from Donald Brook and others in relation to the name change of the AEAF.